Options For Embryo Adoption

With the American Embryo Adoption Agency you have many options to suit your specific needs or situation. Whether you decide to come to our Nashville, TN office or use your own infertility doctor for treatment, we strive to make the entire process as easy as possible. 

What options are available?

There are 2 primary options available for embryo adoption:

  • Frozen - already created embryos
  • Fresh - choose your own egg donor & sperm donor

Embryo Adoption Packages:

  • Single Embryo
  • Two Embryos (from the same set)
  • Three Embryos (from the same set) 

With our embryo packages, each patient has the option to elect to have services performed at our office in Nashville, TN, or have the embryo(s) shipped to another facility for treatment.

What steps are necessary if I decide to have the treatment performed at the American Embryo Adoption Agency?

Fill out the online request form below for a New Patient appointment:

*Privacy Notice: Your information is held confidential and will never be released.

What steps are necessary if I decide on outside monitoring close to me and travel to Nashville for the transfer?

  • Fill out an online request form for a phone consultation with Dr. Vasquez (fee $150.00)
  • The financial counselor will contact you for payment and to set up your consultation
  • Fax or email any infertility records to The Center for Reproductive Health prior to your phone consultation
  • Gather your outside monitoring clinic’s information prior to your phone consultation
  • During the phone consultation Dr. Vasquez will determine if any testing needs to be performed

  If testing can be performed offsite we will fax orders to your clinic. If not you will need to schedule the testing at our clinic in Nashville.


Comprehensive Chromosome Screening,
Mitochondrial DNA & Gender Selection

(typically done with fresh embryos)

What is PGS testing, Mitograde, and Gender Selection?

You can test up to 8 embryos for any genetic or chromosomal abnormalities and gender. If requesting more than 8 embryos to be tested there is an additional fee per each embryo tested. For this option you must let us know during your consultation that you would like these services to be performed and sign the consents to have the testing performed on the embryos.