Effortless Embryo Adoption

As convenience becomes increasingly important in our fast-paced society, the thought of spending countless hours with multiple visits to a fertility clinic can be overwhelming. Fortunately, our unique Effortless Embryo Adoption program offers the perfect solution for intended parents both nationally and internationally. We don’t discriminate based on age, relationship status, sexual orientation, or ethnic background, and believe any person who wants to have a family should be given that chance.

Our no-wait donor embryo program gives the intended parent the ability to experience pregnancy and establish a unique bond with their child. With minimal medication and no intramuscular injections, it is non-invasive and carries no risk of ovarian hyperstimulation (OHSS). With this program we give the single-parent, family, or couple, struggling to build a family, the opportunity to achieve the goal of becoming the happy parent of a healthy baby, matching your exact ethnicity, physical profile, and the preferred gender, if you so desire. 

Why Choose Us

Our fully integrated, comprehensive fertility center is an innovator in infertility treatments and molecular genetics. We offer patients the opportunity for an embryo transfer with various options using high quality, well-developed advanced blastocysts. With egg donors that have undergone extensive genetic carrier screening, we eliminate hundreds of Mendelian genetic disorders to protect your baby. Our blastocysts go through in-depth comprehensive genomic sequencing to help ensure a normal genome. We also test sex chromosomes, giving the intended parent the option of Gender Selection for family balancing.

  • The most convenient revolutionary fertility treatment

  • Our skilled clinical staff will meticulously prepare your customized plan

  • On-call daily virtual support

  • Requires only one in-person visit for your embryo transfer

  • No intramuscular injections

  • Minimal medications

  • Safe, effective, gentle, and stress-free

  • Private and patient-centric

  • Available to all patients world-wide

No Waiting List

Our donor embryo cycles are relatively straightforward and can be completed in 2-3 months from the time you secure a donor embryo. This is a perfect option for recipients who are ready to grow their families as soon as possible!

*Privacy Notice: Your information is held confidential and will never be released.

No Home Study Required

A home study is a comprehensive family study conducted by a state-licensed adoption agency, typically required in other programs. Since we provide embryo donation services, we require no home study.

Why Embryo Adoption?

Often in infertility, the underlying causes are myriad and extremely complex. One factor influences another, and in certain cases the cause may not be able to be identified at all. Perhaps the most compelling benefit to embryo adoption is that it bypasses the obstacles inherent to overcoming ovarian dysfunction or poor egg quality. With our extensive and diverse catalogue of embryos, you have the opportunity to select a high-quality, genetically tested, day-five blastocyst that comes from healthy and thoroughly pre-screened donors -- often with the desired physical and ethnic traits to blend seamlessly into your family.

Besides eliminating some personal anxiety and frustration that can go hand in hand with the IVF process, many patients find the reduced cost of embryo adoption to be a great benefit as well. In fact, it is also less expensive than traditional adoption, and allows for the emotionally significant experiences of carrying the child in utero, breastfeeding, and early bonding. For families who would prefer a more private experience than what is typical of traditional adoption, embryo adoption has the added benefit of being less obvious to the public.

What are some other benefits to this treatment plan?

One of the most common barriers patients face when pursuing infertility care is the cost associated with both the treatment and travel to the facility. In so many cases, patients who are yearning for the joy of a family do not have immediate access to the type of subspecialty care that is required in cases of infertility, and the substantial price tag precludes them from purchasing ticket after ticket for repeat flights to the metropolitan locations where such services are frequently offered. With Effortless Embryo Adoption, we believe geographical location should not prevent anyone from making their dream of having a child come true. No matter where in the world you live, we aim to make embryo adoption accessible.

With only one visit to our office (on the day of your embryo transfer), the cost of travel is significantly reduced and all other aspects of the process can be conducted remotely—through teleconferences and/or Zoom meetings with our facility. Close, careful monitoring can be coordinated via your local OB/GYN office. We will personally oversee each step of your progress, so whether you live in the United States, England, China, or anywhere else in the world, you can feel confident that you are receiving the highest possible standard of care.