Embryo Donation Program

Parents who undergo assisted reproduction are often left with the choice of what to do with their remaining frozen embryos.

Their options are:

  • To continue to store the embryos and pay fees
  • To donate the embryos to research
  • To thaw and not use the embryos
  • To donate them to someone else who wants to conceive (embryo donation)

Our Embryo Donation program offers many benefits to both donors and recipients. Over the past 40 years, IVF and other assisted reproduction procedures have created an excess of frozen human embryos. Many people believe these embryos should be given an opportunity to live. Our donation program provides that opportunity by matching donated embryos with prospective mothers. Not only are the recipients able to adopt these embryos, but, unlike traditional adoption, they are also able to give birth to their adopted child.

The American Embryo Adoption Agency association is located in Nashville, Tennessee and is one of only a few medically supervised agencies in the country. We take care of all aspects of embryo donation for you, from legal to medical and everything in between. We'll work diligently to ensure that your donated embryos go to infertile couples in need.

*Privacy Notice: Your information is held confidential and will never be released.

When a couple who has stored embryos decides that they do not want to add any more children to their family, they must decide what to do with those remaining embryos. By donating them to another couple, the donating parents give each of their embryos a chance to be born while also giving a childless couple the hope of parenthood. Embryo donation can provide the opportunity to help others who want to conceive by donating available embryos and giving someone else the chance to start their own family.

Why donate your embryos to the American Embryo Adoption Agency?

  • The American Embryo Adoption Agency is an advanced medical facility with dedicated and passionate staff.  We treat all of our donated embryos with dignity and thoughtfulness. Your patients can donate their embryos with assurance that our goal is to ensure the transfer of each viable embryo.
  • Donating your embryos makes the process more convenient for you. Unless you work with an organization that has sizeable experience in this area, the embryo donation/adoption process can be complicated and time-consuming.
  • It makes the patient-embryo matching process, easier and more efficient. While the demand for donated embryos is rapidly growing, most clinics with an embryo program have too few donated embryos and too long of a waiting list. AEAA acts as an intermediary for both donating and receiving couples.
  • Donating your embryos to AEAA reduces your storage overhead by decreasing your embryo inventory.
  • Continue your commitment to solving infertility by helping couples achieve their dream of starting a family through the donation of embryos. By encouraging your patients to donate, you will reduce the chance of abandoned embryos and infertile couples across the country will benefit.

Benefits of embryo donation for the donating couple:

  • The psychological relief from the affliction of having frozen embryos with no plan for their future
  • The confidence that the adopting couple has been thoroughly assessed for their capacity to become prosperous parents
  • The joy of helping others
  • A process that is completely free for the donating family


How do I refer patients or transport embryos?

Simply call Teresa Bennett (615) 321-8866 and speak to our executive patient coordinator. We will supply the necessary consent forms to the patients, as well as arrange for infectious disease rescreening. We may also supply your office with consent forms to release you from liability for loss or damage during shipping. The American Embryo Adoption Agency will pay for shipping fees using your delivery service or our own.

You Can Make a Difference - Embryo Donation

Are you committed to giving your embryos the life for which you created them? Is the idea of allowing another family to give birth to your embryos appealing? The descision to donate your remaining embryos can help other families experience the joy you now have. Embryo donation is a way to give the gift of life to others while also bringing closure to your infertility experience of the past. Moreover, you are lovingly paying forward to those suffering from infertility. The American Embryo Adoption Agency helps both embryo donors and recipients to fulfill their dreams.

Operating in the Nashville, Tennessee area, the American Embryo Adoption Agency is the only medically directed organization helping both embryo donors and recipients without bureaucratic exclusion criteria that selects patients based on medical criteria alone. At the American Embryo Adoption Agency we don’t discriminate based on age, cumulative age of the partners, socio-economic status, marital status, sexual preference or any other lifestyle associated features. We feel that such requirements are the concern of those donating or receiving embryos in accordance with their own preferences, circumstances and beliefs, and should not be determined by AEAA.

Are you interested in donating your frozen embryos? Start your application now and help someone start a family today! There are never any fees for donors!

How to get started with Embryo Donation?

We encourage you to print the Embryo Donor Family Information and the Informed Consent to Donate your Embryos. You can sign the Informed Consent to Donate your Embryos.  You can also contact Teresa at our office (615) 321-8866 to discuss further details on your interest in donating your Embryos to AEAA.

Get Started

Getting started in our embryo donation program is simple. Contact us today and we will be happy to help.
Here is what you can expect:

  • You will need to fill out an Embryo Donor Family Information application to provide some medical history
  • Sign the Informed Consent to Donate your Embryos
  • Have some minimal blood testing
  • Inform the clinic where your frozen embryos are stored that you are donating them
  • You may need to sign a medical record release form and a waiver/release of liability form
  • We will then make arrangements with the clinic to receive the embryos at no cost to you (shipping may take 6 to 8 weeks)